Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i understand you, so can you understand me?

Bills bills bills. I think there's a song in there somewhere. Speaking of songs, my random list of songs to download:

How to Love - Lil Wayne
Imagine Dragons
I Want You - Luke James
Blame It on the Boogie - MJ
Only Just a Dream - Nelly
As Long as you Love Me - JBiebs
I Hope You Dance -Lee Ann Womack
In Too Deep - Phil Collins

And yes, I call him JBiebs in my head. Too much hanging around MM a year or so ago. He was entertaining - his douchey-ness was somehow adorable.
Today is my half birthday. This cactus is the physical manifestation of a personality.
Yesterday was a bad day for being happy (Boston marathon, forgot my sports bra so couldn't run, came home and cried through the news), but today was much better. I'm realizing more and more that I need to expand my social circle. There's only so much a phone conversation can do for you. Live people are necessary. A few more weeks of this and I'll be able to write one of those post-apocalyptic characters who's kind of manic depressed and talks to themselves all the time. Oh empathy. The older I grow, the more experiences I'm exposed to and the more people I can sympathize with who I couldn't understand before. I don't understand how not to like people. I'm pretty sure that's going to bite me in the ass. Again.

Okay, definitely developing a crush because CH is the only guy I see! I need to just hear him talk about a girlfriend or something so bad that it actually disgusts me. Then it'll go away. I'm excellent at shutting down stuff that hasn't happened yet. Stuff that has happened, not so good (see all the Bud posts).

Fun run tomorrow.

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