Wednesday, April 3, 2013

11 flights

My poppi is home! He's on antibiotics for the pneumonia and has a rough recovery ahead of him, but he's going to recover. I'm so relieved. We're all so relieved. I called home and Mom sounded a little more like herself. She said the dog is sticking to him and protecting him. The dog is a 160+ pound mastiff.
I surprised myself and ran with the group again today. I rarely run two days in a row, mostly to prevent my shin splints from coming back. But I dunno. Last night, I felt like I needed to run again and when I woke up, I still felt that way. So I did. I'm glad, because I ran with CK, CH, and L, which was a different dynamic. More comfortable, since I've known CK off-and-on for 3 years now. I really enjoy how bright and talkative she is, and she's super happy lately. It shows. She's glowing these days. So jealous! But jealous with a smile. Only one of my close friends, AK, has that same kind of visible spark. After the 2 miles, CH and L took me to the stairs. 11 flights. Two at a time. I made it to the 6th floor before I felt it. Then I kind of hopped to the 9th. And then I basically walked up the rest. Looking down from 11 flights, it felt like I was in a movie. So cool. On rainy days, they do 3 sets. Well I like a challenge.

My feet hurt, but I feel much better today. Running is the best therapy.

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