Tuesday, April 9, 2013

the blissful hour

Happy hour with acquaintances was nice. None of that tension that results from a group of people knowing too much about each other, screwed up relationships. I'm liking this work thing more lately. Mostly because the weather is so nice here this week. It's a taste of summer with 80+ highs. I could live in 80 degree weather, I really could. I just have to get used to running in it again. But I'm resting tomorrow and venturing to Columbia to buy new running shoes. This is the most excited I've been about retail shopping in a long time. I ran about 10 miles a week since September, so let's discount February and say there are about 250 miles on the ones I have now. Early to change them, but they were just random shoes from Sports Authority.

Got to say, even though shorts mean constant shaving and awkward sock tans, I love being outside in summer weather. And I only like beer when I'm sweating in the sun, so warm weather is my season. Baked cornbread muffins when I got home. Yum.

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