Thursday, September 6, 2012

The woman is sassy

I'm astonished - I'm actually okay with not working. It took a while, but I'm finally fine with the fact that at this point in life, for a couple more weeks or a couple more months, I'm not working. Oh, I have no illusions about the fragility of this period of non-angst, but today's phone interview went well (fingers crossed), and I've got a 5K to look forward to, so life is good enough.

I actually did something social today. Yes to opportunities to use my new makeup skills. I've been practicing real hard. Had to find that balance between "natural" and painted walker of the night. I stuck to black eyeliner and navy blue eye shadow, which I kind of smudged around with my finger. About eyeliner, you'd think it would be easy to draw a line along the bottom of each eyelid. It's taken me months to get the left eye without taking an unplanned deviation towards my eyebrow. How do people do this? Why is it so hard to color on your face?

During my social thing, we wound up talking about men. The last time we met up, I was dating and she wasn't. Reversal! She's also job applying right now, so it was good to commiserate. Ate an excellent turkey burger with goat cheese and dried tomatoes. Drank part of a lager. I haven't been able to force myself to like beer yet, but I keep trying.
Fight the good fight (to like beer). I think I'm taking this phrase out of context.
Reading If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland. The woman is sassy. I like her. She died before I was born, but aside from talk about typewriters, the content is still relevant and revelatory. I bought this book at the coolest bookstore I've ever been to - a renovated historic barn built in the 1800s, when people were short. Tall people, beware. Bought it on my first date with Bud, who must've had a serious case of infatuation to indulge me in exploring all 5 floors. But how can you not try to find every random owl statue and all 11 real live cats?
Basically what the place looked like, only dustier.

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