Sunday, September 23, 2012

5K (ad)venture into Delaware

The 5K felt good! The trail was really narrow, so I got a slow start because I was stuck behind people, but then 2 impressive hills around the halfway mark made walkers out of the other racers. Not me. I love hills. Much passing ensued. The scenery was beautiful. I wish I'd had a camera for the creek, cornfield, horse pasture, meadows, and woods. My friend A and I got to the running store just in time to check in (#348 here). Then we hopped on the race shuttle, which took us to the start, just across the DE state line. This was the smallest 5K turnout I've ever seen, about 30 people, so by the end I recognized a lot of the faces. Serious runners turned out, but there were quite a few of us doing it for the fun. Smiles all around. Best Sunday morning all year!

I love running and trees. This seems like the right photo for the occasion.
Running lesson learned - I have endurance, but I need to increase my pace. My time was around 34 minutes, so that's a little more than an 11 minute mile. I could've been faster, but the mud and rocks made running downhill treacherous. At the turns, the race coordinators stationed kids/teens to encourage everyone to keep running; it's been a while since I've been told I'm awesome so many times in a half hour. That had me smiling and spouting out cheesy one-liners by the end. I'm relieved - I loved the challenge, the clapping at the finish line, the post-race drinks and snacks (1% chocolate milk!!!, bananas, coffee, bagels, orange juice). A and I had good runs, caught up, commiserated about our summer break ups, and made tentative plans to go to an amusement park next Sunday. It's about time for some screaming, eh?
I'm talking about roller coasters, baby!
I brought a post-race bagel with cream cheese home, sat it on the couch, and walked away to post a pic from my phone. I heard a noise; by and by I realized it was licking. The dog was licking my bagel. And I'd really wanted to taste cream cheese again. Later, I sat fiddling with my phone on the couch, my flip flops on the floor in front of me. People came home and the dog was so excited that she peed - directly on my left flip flop. For revenge, I put an old t-shirt on her and laughed while she tried to bite her way out of it.

To wind down, I watched a South Korean movie called Chilling Romance. The male lead is Lee Min-ki. I'd forgotten how much I love him. He can act, he's quirky, and he's hot too. We're dong-gap, but he's almost a year older, so hello, oppa! Kisses.

This is a still from the movie. It was a horror comedy. Rather well done.

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