Friday, September 21, 2012

Oh oh oh

I watched the hell out of the Haven premiere tonight. I had to pause the show about 5 times just so my brain could process the awesome. So as you can tell, I've been known to compensate for not having anything to do on a Friday night by watching TV. I watch Haven because the female lead is badass and because my favorite male lead can only be described as a tall drink of water. Oh the dark wash jeans that fit him just right, oh the button up shirts, oh he looks so good in pale blue. Oh yeah Lucas Bryant.
Lucas Bryant - I hear he's lolzy in real life, which makes him even cooler, since his character on the show is so serious.
I'm getting birthday presents way early this year. My dad bought me a new car battery (okay, because the other one died). My mom bought me a pair of new running shoes. My sister bought me a cute long sleeved mini-dress from the teenage department at Target. Don't worry, it's classy. Sissy said it was to celebrate me becoming skinty again. Folks, I blimped up during undergrad. After graduation, through a long plateau-filled process, I returned to a reasonable weight. It's fantastic. I'm happier with my body. My thighs don't rub together and give me brushburn when I wear a skirt. Yes, that can happen.

Maybe I'll join a local running club (if they don't run on pavement). I'm thinking I'll take the glucosamine vitamin for a few months and see if my knees improve. I don't want to have to get knee surgery in my early 40s like my dad did.

I read a Reader's Digest article about happiness. I quote, "in our super-positive society, we have an unspoken zero-tolerance policy for negativity."  And "sometimes just giving yourself permission to feel any emotion without judgement or censorship can lessen the intensity of ... negative emotions." This is what I do here! This is what I've been struggling with - allowing myself to feel sad, moody, angry, regretful, along with happy and hopeful - without telling myself that I've gone crazy. So this is why people who make no secret of the fact that they're unhappy get labeled as "emo" - so they can be classified as being over-dramatic, and dismissed. Oh, and this is why Facebook is full of lies; mine included.

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