Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Totally Adult Moves

In a totally adult move, I networked with the man next to me on the flight home.  By that I mean, he was a friendly people-person, we got to talking, and it turned out his CA small business also dealt with sustainability issues.  Anyway, in the end I got an offer to write for his blog.  Unpaid, but exposure!  I so need something good to pop up when my name is googled.

If You Were to Google Me <--a miserable failure of a link right now

Plus, I loved the voice of the man from the plane.  And he told me I will change the world.  I have an old man crush now.

Totally adult move #2, I finally reached the point where I could text Bud to wish him well on this thing he's been worried about since May and right now actually doing.  It's also finally the last part of his schedule that I know.  So YAY! :-) to the commencement of the period of my life where I have no clue what he's doing AKA the rest of my life.  And my friendly just-friends text also tells Bud that we're cool and it won't be weird if we run into each other.  I felt angst and self-doubt only during the period before he texted me back.
This tree was alive when Jesus was born.  Let your brain process that.
Above is a photo I took while with my girls at a redwoods park in CA.  I had fun almost every single minute of that vacation.  I love you, friends!  How did I get so lucky?

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