Friday, August 17, 2012

Everything's Big in Texas

The endings are hitting me all at once.  Yesterday, I passed on the torch at my (now old) internship.  I hugged the one coworker who's still left good-bye.  I said "see ya" to one of the top 5 security guards I've ever known.  Then I went to school, where I picked up my USB from the beautiful department secretary with the Texas accent and hugged her goodbye.  I walked out of the hall where I had almost all of my classes, where I sat outside on the lawn with friends for hours, watching the girls and the boys walk by in all their variations - neon sunglasses, red skinny jeans, purple lace tights, preppy, geek chic, boho, gym rats, slouchy-casual-glam (my favorite).  Campus was quiet, was beautiful in the way of abandoned places.  Walking back to my car, I thought of the people I'd met over the past 2 years, the ones who'd moved on, the ones who'd be back for fall semester.  There's nothing like going to school.  I don't think anyone realizes until they're done.

Endorphins report - I inherited bum knees from my father.  I should go swimming instead of running, but hey, no gym membership.  And I just like to run.  But lately my knees hurt (a lot, and for days afterward) if I run downhill.  Alas, this state is both the definition and the embodiment of rolling hills.  So I only run uphill or on flat land.  I increased the distance to make up for it - to about 4.5miles.  I bet at least 1.5miles is me walking though.  I can't think of an alternative.

Been working on my push-ups.  After my run/walk/jog, I did 20 today.  The first 15 were easy.  Let's not talk about the last 3.  I feel like I have guns now.  I should kiss them.
Rosie the riveter is always relevant.
Tomorrow, I'm going to see Bud for the first time in a month, and probably for the last time.  Maybe ever.  I'm in trepidation.  I've been feeling better lately; I don't want to go back.  I'm only going because it's a group setting - a group of friends.  This is what I tell myself: I'm going to wear a casual dress and have fun with some casual friends (except for AMF; our friendship is actual and is the only reason why I'm going. More than casual friendships are so few).  Wish me luck - I don't want to be a pie.

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