Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Considering consideration

I like to think of myself as considerate. School's about to start again, and even though I graduated this summer (oh yeah baby), I still live near campus.  So people are coming back into town, and they're all asking me:
Hey, *wink *attempted-sexy-face, how are you and Bud?
I say, we broke up.
They say something like, wow I thought you two would have a really strong relationship by now. What happened?
Do they ask Bud these questions when I'm not around?
Then I say we broke up, it was mutual.
They wait for more information.
Then I somehow wind up briefly blaming myself, before I shut up out of loyalty to Bud.  I won't talk more about it b/c some of these people will be his co-workers, and whatever I say will get around.  I'm human, so I need to talk about it, but only with people who have never and will never meet him.
Did you ever notice how everyone has a gossip face?
Cliques, classmates, coworkers, families - why do groups of people who are stuck together in some way always talk about each other? At that job, we talked about each other in front of each other and shared stories (about each other, lol).  To date, it was actually my best work environment yet, probably b/c the workplace philosophy emphasized being open to the quirks and differences of any person who walked through the door. "Safe space" is literally the slogan. I have a few friends who are stuck in a bad workplace environment, due to their coworkers.  These friends aren't mean people.  They aren't inconsiderate. Their stories made me grateful to work there. So anyway, what I'm saying is I don't want to mess that great environment up for Bud, or hurt his feelings, or take away any of the respect that people already have for him by giving away details or even main ideas about why our relationship ended. I still feel like I've been talking too much.

Do men ask each other what happened after their friend goes through a break up?  :-/

I met up with my lovely friend B today. She's a girl who I'd love to have as a sister b/c one of her qualities is that she's sweet. God love them, but my sisters aren't sweet. Sweetness is rare. I only have one brother, and he lives far away, but after I showed her his pic on the book of faces, she said she'd date him.  So it's a go for the sis-in-law thing.  Anyway, I told her I lost 10 pounds at the end of spring semester for no apparent reason (I swear they just melted away from thesis-stress. I wasn't even running on a regular basis then).  B asked me if I felt different. I initially said no, but well, it is different to be in shape. I don't get out of breath when climbing lots of stairs. Without stopping, I run 0.7miles uphill to warm-up at the beginning of my workout, and I'm not tired. I'm ready. I look better in shorts and short skirts.

But do I feel different?  No.
B is not an artificial sweetener. This means these strawberries aren't GMOs.

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