Thursday, August 9, 2012

a good person & a point opportunity

How helpful people are when they might need you.  And yet, they're also helpful when they can help you. I read a magazine article which reported that most people, even people who wrong others, want to feel like they are a "good" person.  Really? Even the bigots and the elitists and the chauvinists and the spoiled ones and the selfish ones and the ones who have no illusion about looking out for #1?  Even them?  It's comforting, that everyone just wants to be able to live with themselves.
If you can't hug yourself, who will?

Today I stayed inside and applied to a few jobs.  I spent the day in a pretty dress and sky high heels to make myself feel better about being stuck in front of the computer for hours.
I found out that a friend is visiting in a couple weeks.  Hoping we go out so I get to wear a killer dress and margarita it up.  Not willing to go killer heel, but I'm so enjoying not being chubby, that I will wear a skin tight affair.  The festivities will likely involve mutual friends I share with Bud (the ones who I couldn't vent to when I was sad).  It feels so good to say "when I was sad."  It's over!  Now I can find a guy as quirky and hot as this song:
"Adorn" by Miguel

Who am I kidding?  That quirky guy thing is probably not going to happen. But a girl does dream, does aspire, while staying grounded.  Maybe my trouble is that I stay grounded...  Anyway, about Miguel - I'm not even an RnB fan (or is it R&B?), but I like this song. 

So next next weekend will be fun, but having Bud there will be a weird pressure. I never did like sharing friends. I miss my friends. Mine! My own.  Extra points if you got that reference.

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