Thursday, July 31, 2014

the closest my toothbrush has ever been to a toilet

The last day of July. What do I have to show for this month? Well I put a little effort into dating, even if nothing came of it. I started a 401(k), which I should have done a year ago. I didn't write for EG's blog enough though. I researched a new car battery, even if I haven't bought it yet... Wow I'm even boring myself.

This morning I woke up and stumbled into the bathroom. I was a little more awake than usual. Usually I run into walls with my shoulders, but that didn't happen. I washed my face and put my contacts in. There was a brown grasshopper on the bathroom wall above my toothbrush. But really high up, so that there was no way I could reach it. I don't possess the willpower to care before 7am, so I just shrugged and took a shower. When I got out of the shower, not only was a tiny spider dangling from the air vent in the ceiling, but the grasshopper had disappeared. I knew the spider had to die before I left for work. I went through the rest of my facial routine and was mainly looking for the grasshopper, which had mysteriously disappeared. Right after I'd finished putting on this facial cream that is supposed to diminish the "dark spots" on my face in 8weeks, I saw the grasshopper. It was perched on top of my toothbrush. All in the bristles. I very calmly picked up the toothbrush. He jerked, but didn't jump. Then I hovered past the sink and over to the toilet. That is - to my knowledge - the closest my toothbrush has ever been to a toilet. And I flicked the grasshopper in. Poor dude. How did it get to the 2nd floor? And then I got dressed and bided my time until the spider went back up its web to the ceiling, where I killed it in a piece of toilet paper.  Bugs, stay out of my apartment.

After that I walked out to my car, saw a penny on the ground. I walked past it. Then I walked back and picked it up. I needed the good luck to not see another bug inside. So far it's all good. Knock on wood.

I talked to EG on the phone today for a little while. Love her. I swear, there are few friends who you don't talk to for a while, but you pick right up where you left off. Even if I'm incapable of maintaining a romance with a dude, I'm good at keeping these girl/girl friendships. Love all those ladies!

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