Friday, July 18, 2014

not the turkey money!

My stomach hurts in a very specific place, so I googled to see if it could be appendicitis. But it's a mild hurting so definitely not.  I guess I waited too long to eat all of those Amish biscuits and they went bad again. Every time I eat a carb, I think about how I don't need it and would rather be eating meat and veggies, but meat and veggies take longer to cook. I should heat up a turkey meatball. Can't have those going bad too. That's a whole lb of turkey money.
not the turkey money!
Kind of excited that my one coworker likes LOTR. More than me, since I only read the books once and have no intentions of reading them again. I'll just watch the movies over and over. It was a chill Friday at work and I like them like that.

Oh miracle of miracles, SH called me the other day to make promises about meeting up this weekend or next weekend, but I don't even expect it to happen. He's like my brother and my brother makes a lot of promises about when he'll be places too, and then he of course isn't in those places when the time comes. I guess everyone's finding themselves these days and those selves are located nowhere near me.

Planning the Ocean City, MD trip because I just need to go to the beach. I'm going to try on a bunch of pairs of jeans tomorrow and buy some that make me look good. I need some blue jeans. I'll sleep in, which means like 8am, and then head to the outlets. I should be out of there by the time the crowds start.
I think RA is going to start that tour soon. 6 months.

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