Saturday, July 12, 2014


I went to an engagement party where I am only friends with the bride, and I rocked it! Meaning that I didn't stand around awkwardly and I talked to everyone in the room. I had a slow start, but I was talkative enough by the end. As you probably know, I'm on a quest to find a gay male best friend. There was only one gay guy there, but we hit it off well enough. He dresses well and I like that. We'll see if I ever see him again though. Anyway, it may have been easy to hit it off because most of the people there were nerdy scientists. I do love the nerds. But who doesn't? They're easier to talk to because I went to undergrad at the school they're attending now, so we have something in common. And then they're all physics people and some of them work with NASA people so I know people they know.  Anyway, my friend looked gorgeous, she had a great time, and the venue was only 10 minutes from my apartment. Yay! I also wore a cute black and white skirt that I got thrift shopping with my mom a few weeks ago. I was searching for something to wear when I found it - I'd actually forgotten that I owned it. And my hair was freshly done - I looked cute! Well, I try to attract potential dates whenever I can - I know I definitely don't get out enough.
men... so pretty. this is Seo In-guk

Before the party, I woke up at 8 (because I went to sleep at 9pm... just like a grandma) and went to the Amish market, then to Walmart. I only go to Walmart around here on weekend mornings because otherwise I spend 20 minutes waiting in the checkout line. I now have Neutrogena skin care stuff that is supposed to get rid of my brownspots and even my skintone in 8 weeks. September 6th I'll let you know how it went. I wouldn't have to do this if I didn't suddenly become allergic to peanuts and then breakout with lasting scars. Peanuts! Oh the betrayal.

Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. We all know I'm an addict.
i laughed so hard

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