Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July Retrospective

Had an awesome 4th of July in Pittsburgh with my dad's side of the family. On the way to Pittsburgh, my dad decided not to take the turnpike, so we took 322 instead and got to see the Statue of Liberty in the middle of the Susquehanna River - Dauphin, PA.  Who knew?

It was cold in those mountains! By the time we took a break and got out of the car at a Sheetz, both of my sisters and I broke out the sweaters. I love road trips. We were even pulled over by a cop for speeding down a mountain, luckily he let us off with a warning when my dad told him we were going to his mother's 80th birthday party.  

We got to Pittsburgh an hour early and bought her a Pandora charm for her bracelet - those things are expensive! The party was in a Golden Corral, where we had a room reserved. Pretty cake, a bunch of pictures, cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents that I hadn't seen in years! Loved it. It's only the Pittsburgh side of the family that has older cousins, so I got to feel like a little sister. And of course I've lost like 25lbs since the last time some of my family saw me - my uncle told me he didn't recognize me at first! Sometimes I forget that I lost so much weight and am still losing it.  Then fireworks with my sisters and cousins in downtown Pittsburgh were pretty. And there was a furries convention - got our pictures taken! I even saw a Wilfred flurry (you only know about Wilfred if you're an Elijah Wood fan). He was smoking and looking unhappy, just like on tv. 

The fireworks were exciting after they were over because there were large groups of 8th-10th graders there and they were fighting - the police even had to get involved. And then a firecracker went off and people weren't sure if it was a gunshot or not. And then the bus was super crowded and a fight to get on. If it hadn't stopped directly in front of us, we wouldn't have gotten seats. The most crowded I've ever been on a bus. For the first time, I appreciated one of my cousins a lot more because of her street smarts. Wow, I must be a country person because I just typed "street smarts" and I can't think of another word for it, so "street smarts" is staying.

The next day was a bbq, so a lot of eating and drinking was done and my grandmother had a lovely time. I love seeing family! We drove back Saturday night, Darcy greeted us and we all slept in. Then today I bought the oil and filter from Walmart, where I must just look lost because a random man helped explain oil filters to me. I basically just let him. I already know what to buy, but a woman can't really walk into the car section and not have a man offer to help. And since half the time I need the help, letting him do it for me is ideal. Traffic was fine on the way back to my apartment, and now here I am, with the laundry in the background and lunch for the first part of the week cooked and ready (lentils and sourdough bread).

On the dating front, S pissed me off and I need to just be done with him. I offered last week to meet up Thursday but he wasn't sure. I wrote him off then, but he waited until Wednesday night to say he had other plans (just tell me straight! I don't have time to wait around on you). And then Thursday night he texted me that his plans fell through so then he had time to hang out with me. Oh. Please. Who does he think I am? So yeah, I'm done. Again. I just forgot what it was like dealing with him apparently. He's all talk and no action. I only considered him because I was sad it didn't work out with RA. Not that I was super attached to RA, I just wanted something to work out.

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