Monday, June 30, 2014

farewell June - hope in general

I didn't poison myself with the poached chicken. Yay!
i want some walnut ice cream... or earl gray
What lessons did I learn in June? Don't mess with people who still live with their exes. Yes, I already knew that, but for some reason I felt compelled to teach myself that lesson again. It wasn't that bad, just a gentle reminder really. I also learned that having to listen to someone else snore all night is horrible. How do people do it? I see why all those commercials to stop the other person from snoring keep running. Does any of it work? I learned that some difficult hikes really are difficult, even if you're 20-something. I learned that girls are always bitchy, but you love them anyway. I learned that dieting is more effective for losing weight and exercise is more effective for keeping the weight off. I learned that the Hinge app exists and I am too afraid to try it. Also, what poaching is (in cooking).

What do I hope for July? Safe travels for my family and myself. Safe travels for my friends. Good health for all. I hope not to be alone as much, so I can gain more life experiences. I hope to sketch out a premise for a novel project that sticks. I hope in general.

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