Saturday, June 28, 2014

books and dramas, drama in books

Been in a drama slump lately, and now that summer's here I have no US shows to watch, so it's only K and TW dramas to keep me entertained by television. Only I haven't been addicted to anything since Gap Dong ended last weekend. Usually I watch more than one drama at once, but Gap Dong was it for like 4 weeks. But! I think I'm going to love the new dramas:
High School King of Savvy with Seo In-guk
Joseon Gunman with Lee Jun-ki

And I'm going to go back and watch a couple of completed dramas:
Return of Iljimae with Jung Il-woo
Tree with Deep Roots only b/c of the child part with Song Joong-ki

I think after my Verizon contract expires I'm not going to renew it. I'll just get a netflix account and go to the thrift store all the time and buy 50 cent paperbacks. I just finished:
A Gate at the Stairs by Lorrie Moore
The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein

And I just started Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates. This book is very readable and feels like Mad Men. I never want to see the movie.

Hot RF at work reads! He apparently read the Garth Stein book before, which he mentioned because he saw it on my desk. I find him so ridiculously attractive, but I can't tell if he's gay or straight. He's too well groomed is I guess what I'm looking for. He could swing either way. The Garth Stein book is significant because no other book has ever made me cry on page 6 before, but it's far too simply written to ever go on my favorites list. I like what I like in novels these days, and that novel went overboard in being inspirational - almost like a self-help book towards the end. I can forgive it because the dog reminded me of Bobbi right away, hence the crying because the first and last chapter dealt with the dog's death and the dog passed away almost exactly how Bobbi did. I have a lot of guilt about that - I knew she was sick but I didn't believe she would die, so I went to sleep on faith that she'd be there when I woke up. But then she wasn't, and I learned to just stay with someone if I love them for as long as I can, or I'll regret it.

Been thinking about why I run, and it's not to challenge myself. It's only because I like to run. I like to do a couple miles and smell the woods. I'm realizing that most people aren't like this - they need a race, to test their willpower, to strive for some kind of running goal. I don't. People can't believe that I just want to be outside in the woods. That's all. The way the trees smell. I need that. If I'm too busy struggling to run an 8 minute mile, how am I going to get what I need?

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