Monday, June 30, 2014

the friend post

The last day of June and I'm trying something new - poached chicken. The liquid is simmering right now, so we'll see if I can actually pull this one off. I tend to overcook b/c I've food-poisoned myself one too many times.

I was able to make it through the rest of June without spending more money! Of course, since tomorrow is July 1 my first stop when I leave is going to be the gas station. New month, new budget.  I have my grocery list and even 2 coupons.

On paper, SC is winning me over. He writes me an email once a week and asks how I'm doing. By 'winning me over,' I mean that I feel like I can almost count him as a friend.. Oh, not my diehard girlfriends or my sisters, but a tentative friend. New friends are so rare, and especially new male friends. Maybe because my female friendships are very strong. I don't do casual friends very well - I tend to forget about them. So I only have these strong fiercely loyal friendships. At least I feel loyalty towards them. I don't have the same friends either. AC is the reality check, back to Earth friend. MW is sweet light fashion. EG is the one who seems to need the most from me and yet not need anything at all. AK is the boy authority sunny. BG is the we're puzzled and confused about everything together. And MM is love compliments always on the plane. As far as male friendships go, I only have CI, who is a few and far between casual friend. Lately CS from high is reaching out, but I've been bad at reaching back she's a needs validation friend and gogogo, confident in her own way.

I heard the buzzer - the poached chicken is supposedly done.
dare I hope?

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