Saturday, August 2, 2014


This morning I popped awake at 7:25am. That was entirely uncalled for, body. I stopped at the Amish Market for banana nut bread and some rolls. Even though it was 9:30am, the parking lot was already so crowded that I parked at the Home Depot and walked over, like everybody else was doing. Walking back to my car, I swear I ran into the same fast-talking little kid trying to sell $8 crackers that I ran into last week when Mary and I went to Sardi's for dinner after work. The kid is supposedly trying to sell crackers for some foundation, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was fake. He talks so fast you can't understand what he's saying, he doesn't make eye contact, and never actually says what organization it's for (forgive my dangling participles). I didn't want any of the unappealing crackers, so I just cut him off and gave him $4 because that was the cash that I had. There, I did my civic duty.  Someone needs to teach that kid how to sell. He comes across as so shifty that he doesn't even have cute appeal, which is how the Girl Scouts get everyone with their blah cookies. 

Then I went to the Sears Auto Center because I needed to buy a new car battery. Lucky for me, that Sears is connected to the Columbia Mall because it took almost 2 hours before the car was done. That was only because they felt the need to examine the whole car instead of just giving me the new fricking battery like I asked. Now I know to specify. I did get to talk with MC on the phone for a good 45 minutes though. Friends!

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