Sunday, August 24, 2014

there's serenity

Does 20/30-something US vacation culture = drunk culture? How are people able to do that without gaining weight? My body likes to hold onto the weight and let go only when I pry it from grasping fingers; I can't participate in consuming empty alcohol calories.

Meditation on Thursday night at Seacrets and Friday night at 2 bar/clubs near me. I get that people go to clubs to dance with strangers, and with whatever friends they go with. From TV, you'd think people went primarily for random hookups, but that can't be the reality. For girls, it may just be so random guys tell you you're pretty and you get free drinks. I can never enjoy those drinks because they come with strings attached. So may strings there's a net woven to the ends of them. I'd rather save us both the trouble.

This isn't to say that I didn't have fun at Seacrets because I did. I really like that place. You walk around in sand. There are 3 different bands, so there's something to suit everyone's taste. I'd never been to a dance floor where they regularly drop confetti on you. I had fun jumping around to the music blasted by the cover band. Most people around me were drinking and trying to flirt with the frat boys who blocked my view by being tall and standing directly in front of me. The frat boy look is such a direct turnoff for me.  Except if Dave Franco is doing it.
Yeah, I said it!
Anyway, do I have anything special to say about drunk culture? Only that it's physically exhausting. I don't like being tired. It was a nice change of pace to go out a couple nights in a row and stay out past 1am. It's not really my thing, but I can't know what my thing is if I don't try a bunch of different things.

Also discovered that standing by the ocean or walking in the deep woods are equally as calming. There's serenity.

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