Friday, August 29, 2014

something about me I don't know

What happened today? I finally cooked. First time since I came back from Ocean City. I've been surviving on left over Indian food, spicy and so good. Of course, I made the easiest thing - lentils and rice. Been spending too much money on grocery shopping, so from now on I'm limiting myself to once a week. I think going in and out for quick trips prevents me from realizing how much I'm spending.

Labor Day weekend plans are just to go home so I can visit my grandmother who had a stroke two weeks ago and is now in a rehab facility. She's the one who tells me the same story of the first time she saw me every year on my birthday. And how as a toddler I'd eat the bread I was supposed to feed to the ducks. No one else is going to tell me that. It's too hard, living without people.

Went to the autopart store to buy a bulb because I realized the day time running light on the driver's side is out, but the girl there told me that was a dealer part. Really? It's a bulb. Is it the same as a headlight? I only noticed this morning when I was at a red light checking out my car's reflection in the bumper of the car in front of me and I could only see the one light. I don't want to be one-eyed sally.

Feeling sad the past few days. One day I did nothing after work but sleep, then watch an hour of BBT reruns, then sleep again. I am doing better at waking up though. The horrible traffic and the school zone that comes on just after 7:30 motivated me. I've had to start eating breakfast at work, and I still get in traffic, but I'm on time so I can leave at 4:30. Leaving after is the horror. I don't know why I'm not used to it by now. It's happening right now!

S stopped talking to me, which is what I wanted. But still isn't a good feeling. What is it with me picking immature people who just stop talking to me? Okay, it was only twice, but still. Not a pattern I'd like to repeat. Is there something about me that I don't know? Probably.

This dude is supposed to be a guest judge on ANTM at some point.

His nickname is Beaky, but he has a fabulous voice (okay his real name is Lee Soo-hyuk). He was in the classic White Christmas where was depressed. Honestly, he looks depressed so it probably wasn't much of a stretch for him to play that role. But then more recently he was the second lead in High School King of Savvy, which I was obsessed with. His voice is wonderful and he cracked me up. Apparently he hangs out with the YG people in real life, so he must be even cooler than I thought.

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