Wednesday, September 3, 2014

live well

Nana is doing a lot worse than I thought. I didn't know what a stroke could do to someone. And everyone at the rehab facility has been hit in a different way. Why does my nana seem the worst off? It's so hard to leave her there after visiting. I was upset, I had indigestion and she asked me if my stomach hurt. That felt so good. She didn't talk before unless you ask, but she'll sing a song she knows with you. Her skin is so soft and she's so frail. She can hold a glass and drink from it though. Before going I told myself the stroke wasn't that bad, that she'd be almost back to normal by the time I saw her, but I was wrong. When I first hugged her, I started crying and got her sweatshirt all wet. It's cold there. I need to go see her again this weekend. I can't leave her there all alone, even if all I can do is hover uselessly. My mom visits every day she can except for Tuesdays.

I also saw my brother, who is going to take the train to FL, along with his car. Didn't know you could pay for that, but you can. I won't see him again until maybe October. But that's not very far away. I hope he doesn't injure himself playing basketball and lives well.

I discovered the secret to perfect chocolate milk made with syrup. It's half and half.

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