Sunday, September 28, 2014

so freaking good

The weekend was so full. Friday night I went with MW to a place with the best crab cakes and that was one huge crab cake. I felt full until past lunch the next day, so it was probably 120000 calories. Saturday was lunch with the Hopkids and AK's boyfriend, who was very nice, presentable, and AK was happy. Then Sunday was brunch with my cousin YM, where we discovered the best savory crepes I have ever tasted in my entire life. That might have been plainly the best food period I ever tasted.  Here: Fontaine Caffe. So clearly, this was the place to be. I had the Moroccan crepe and it was so freaking good. We both literally stopped talking when we tried our first bites. We had to eat slowly in order to enjoy all the goodness in our mouths. And throughout our meal, we'd stop talking to each other just to savor. That. Freaking. Good.

That was a lot of driving. It was a great weekend - beautiful weather. So hot and nice. The highways I was on: 95, 695 (Baltimore Beltway), 395 (Baltimore), MLK, 295 (BW Pkwy), 495 (DC Beltway), 395 (GW Pkwy), 695 (DC), 110 (I accidentally wound up on this road and saw the Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon).

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