Thursday, September 18, 2014

the shell collector

Why do I not own Anthony Doerr's The Shell Collector. It's the most fabulous short story collection that I have ever read. So why do I not own it? I'm going to go to the thrift store tomorrow and get some books and if I don't see it, then I'll go online and buy the hardcover version. I've read it twice, so it's not like I need overnight shipping. I can wait.

My grandmother was moved to a different rehab facility. It's hard, I can feel myself drifting away with time because I'm not able to see her every day like my mother does. I was invited to a bratwurst picnic this weekend. What is bratwurst? Is it some type of meat in a pigskin like a sausage? I don't even like beer, so this doesn't seem much like my thing, but then again am I supposed to go so that I can find some single friends? Help me rhonda, help help me rhonda. Okay, I need to stop bursting into song.

Last night I tried to make lentil chili in the crock post, but it's way too tomato paste-y. I don't even want to eat it, but I have a grand total of 8 cups of it left, so I am going to be eating it for a while. Maybe there's  away I can make it taste better. I should  have put less tomato paste in. It made me work too, because I didn't start the crock pot until after 8pm, so I had to set my alarm for an unGodly early morning hour in order to turn it off. And the whole apt smelled like cooking food, which was really distracting when I kept waking up from sleep. Boo to onions. I swear I smelled like them when I went to work today.

Tomorrow I cannot get any Amish food until I take that check to the bank. At least the bank is open until 6pm on Fridays, as I recently learned via google. For the first time in months, I wrote a brief post for E's company blog. I really need to do that again. And not being able to watch a drama until I write a page has made me write 3 pages so far. No sugar in my tea is not that easy. I'm kind of cheating by using this flavored creamer, but I'm measuring it out so that I then have to use half and half. More fat, but less sugar. I loaned several dresses to L so she can pick two to wear to a wedding this weekend. I miss them. Why were most of them blue/green/tan? Don't I own dresses with color?

S depresses me. I need to just forget about him. He's not even a good friend.

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