Sunday, September 21, 2014

failed shopping trip

Before I went to the grocery store, I stopped by my local TJMaxx, and let me tell you, that store has gone down in quality since I've moved here. They had barely any dresses; I spotted not one blazer; and the skirts were all leftovers from the summer. Is it just a weird time to shop? No, this store doesn't get the best stock.  Their shoe section for the 8 and a half sizes was pitiful. Pitiful, I tell you! I know that TJMaxx and Marshalls are owned by the same company, but Marshalls is so much better.

I'm being influenced by My Secret Hotel a little: My Secret Hotel, which is a currently running Kdrama on TvN. "Influenced" means I went shopping in a jean pencil skirt (H&M - bought Black Friday) with a chambray shirt (Kohls a couple years ago), tucked in. I was really looking for some shoes, but saw naught, so I went looking for interesting pieces, but again zilch. I did try one on interesting dress from the teenage section, but it didn't flatter my figure, so I didn't get it. No need to pay for something I don't even look that good in.

Came back and made those Lipton Onion soup potatoes that my mom got me started on. I don't make them often because I have no self-control. I have to eat them ALL. It was hard going with those last four bits of potato, but I did it. Now my pee is going to smell like onions. TMI, I know. TMI.

Also, ew, I saw overalls in the store. I wore those in 1997, and you can't make me wear them now. No one can.

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