Thursday, September 25, 2014

so dogsbody is a word

I had no clue that dogsbody is a word. I need to use it in real life. At work, I sometimes feel like I could be one. Definition - a person who is given boring, menial tasks to do. Okay, not at this work really, but at other works. And yes sometimes at this work too, but thankfully not most of the time.

How do my fingernails grow so fast? I used to have problems with them breaking off, but now they never do and one day it's weird to type so I know I have to cut them. Back when I used to play the piano all the time, I'd hear the clicking of them on the keys and know it was time. Should I buy a keyboard?

Was all rainy today. I was tempted to break out the fall boots, but that was getting ahead of myself. Plus it wasn't that cold. Tomorrow AK flies in with her boyfriend, so I'm meeting up with the Incredible HopKids for dinner at 8pm. So really late and I know I'm going to eat before then. I can't help it. MW and I are carpooling up, which works because I know she doesn't really like to drive at night.

Yesterday I went to the 2nd Chance thrift store place and found some books and some really pretty shot glasses. I don't know if they're actually shot glasses, but that's what I'll use them as. I poured soju into one of them and drank to try it out. :-). There was really no reason for me to buy them, but I just instantly loved them. They have a bamboo trunk painted on the side, and if you stack them all up you get one tree. One of the books I got, I read in one sitting. I thought it was going to be a funny chick novel, but it had the cover of a funny chick novel while actually being a standard crime novel. It's the kind of novel I don't like that I can inhale. If you skim, you're fine. I only kept reading to find out whodunit.

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