Sunday, August 17, 2014


Yesterday I went thrift shopping with one of my sisters, my cousin, and my uncle. They came especially from PA for this. I bought two scarves to wear in my hair at the beach this week, and then a little end table that is proudly sitting next to my love seat this very minute. Success! And my cousin got a bunch of clothes and 2 lamps. My uncle got clothes too. He was skeptical at first - "Are you sure you want to buy all of these used things?" And then by the time we were done in the 2nd (and much cozier/cheaper) store, he was a thrift shopping convert. He found a suit for $25 and then got a 25% military discount. "Why should I pay so much for this suit new when it's never been worn and I can buy it used?" He said whenever he drives through here for for, he's going to stop at that store. :-) My cousin is the coolest high-schooler. There's no way I was cool enough to know how to find good things from the thrift store when I was going into 11th grade. My mom had 4 kids to dress, so she took us to the outlets in Lancaster and also Walmart (Walmart clothes weren't so cheaply made back then).

SC is back with a vengeance. I really don't expect to ever meet him in person again. He keeps doing that thing people do when they're testing the waters to see if someone is still available - you know, randomly texting them. But he's all talk usually. Haven't seen him for like 8 months. Anyway, he's talking about going on a hike and then a movie. We'll see if that actually happens. I doubt it. These days the dating prospects are low - I just use the hinge app. I get matches, who then never say anything to me, so I'll just collect the matches I guess.

A mosquito just bit me 3 times in 30 seconds. I killed him though.

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