Thursday, August 14, 2014

let's go to the beach! each!

Real quick. I realized that I have less than one week until I'll be at the beach, so on Sunday I started doing a bunch of youtube fitness exercises. I like the cardio one that gets you to burn 150 calories in 8 minutes. I discovered I have really weak arms. I already knew that, but now it's painfully obvious and embarrassing because its not like I have twig arms. I have arms that look like they have muscle but are lying to the world. The kind of arms that turn into wings when you get old if you don't stay on top of them. Thanks a lot genetics.

I have yet to find a good bikini and a good hat for the beach. I'm sure that CS won't make me wear the bikini all through the beach vacation, aka after we've eaten. I'll just tell her to plan to get up super early and we can take the pics. And then eat and change into one-pieces, haha.

Still in love with Seo In-guk because I'm dragging out my joy of King of High School Savvy. I only have 2 episodes left. Tears of sadness. Can I meet someone like his character in real life? He's awesome! I laugh every single episode.

I also started watching Miss Korea, which came out last winter, mostly because The Voice is in it and I heard it wasn't bad. And it's not bad. Pillar is also in it, although he doesn't get to shine with this character. The guy who played the older brother in The King Two Hearts is a gangster in it and I still like him. I like this drama because whenever there's a character who deserves to get their hair pulled or smacked, the characters actually do it. This woman took off her heels and went running down a hallway just to give a smackdown to a woman who was using the Miss Korea contestants to seduce men. And when this girl was being super bitchy, I was telling the main character that she has to retaliate, and SHE DID. I love it!

Clip from Miss Korea. In the US this means a drug dealer is around, but apparently not in SK.
SC popped up again and texted me some crap about I miss you. And I was basically bitchy through text, but it wasn't even fun because he pulled the victim card and asked me why I was so mean. I miss RA if only for the fact that he just texted right back. He was way more entertaining! Even if he did snore so loud I swore I'd never sleep and he hogged the covers.

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