Saturday, September 21, 2013

some of them want to use you / and some of them want to be used by you

I got a raise at work and got paid at the new rate for the first time today. Wow, after they take the taxes out, the raise is tiny. Still, if only I didn't have school loans to pay, I'd have a new car in no time. Of course, then I wouldn't have a job that pays as high because I wouldn't have the same educational background.

Out of boredom, I started watched a TW drama called "Just You" starring Aaron Yan. After years of watching Kdramas, it's hard to go down in quality, and this drama is definitely a step down. Still, Aaron is pretty, and I enjoy marveling at how much younger than his age he looks - just like me. On Wednesday, I came back from work and a (new?) neighbor was outside her house and asked me if I was just getting back from school. She meant high school, because when I told her I was just coming back from work, then she asked me if I smoked b/c she wanted to bum a cigarette. Jeez, why do I live in an apartment complex where the only people who talk to you are the ones who want to use you?
Back to the dramas. So I watched 4 episodes of Just You and somewhere in there I turned on the viewers comments to make it not boring, because yes, Aaron is pretty but Aaron's been pretty - the novelty wore off like 4 years ago. If only he'd act in something that would make me take him seriously, like what Jung Kyung-ho did in his Heartless City role. I never took Jung Kyung-ho seriously for years and years - until I saw him in the first episode of Heartless City, and now I can only describe him as delicious.
Thank you military duty - you made him into a man
I'm even at the point where I'm streeeetching out Heartless City so that I can keep watching him in this role for as long as possible. I do rewatch dramas, but there's nothing like watching an episode for the first time. Oh, if I met that man in real life, I would seriously have to hold myself back. The Kdrama leads who I like fade in and out, and right now he's definitely the only one who's in. Ah, I need a moment.

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