Monday, September 16, 2013

not mad, just done

"Are you mad at me" S texts. I'm not mad, I'm just done. But how do I say that without being superbitch? There's only so long you can ignore someone without disrespecting them, so I should get on that reply. I'm done because I have only ever involved myself with guys who were good to me and who made me a priority. It's not either or. Like that commercial - no one wants a cop who protects or serves.
Yes, my past relationships have ended, but they're over because both of us cared enough about the other. And this guy, I don't care about him. This telling me he's pursuing other girls doesn't hurt - stings my pride, mostly makes me remember when the relationships were good with those other guys, how it felt to be so valued. I'm fine with waiting until I'm that valued again, until I'm capable of feeling so much about someone else. And I deserve way more. That said, this is not a plea, God, for me to fall for CH. Please no. I swear he's in love with a married friend! Still, as long as he's there to trigger something in me, I know what I should be feeling towards a guy I date.

Sleepy Hollow premier tonight. I'm hoping this show has excellent plot, great dialogue, a strong likeable female lead, and a hot clever male lead capable of making me fan myself and spontaneously talk about "how fine that man is." A clever mostly evil baddie is also a must.

Proceed to fan yourselves:
Jensen Ackles. If he could actually fix cars, he'd be perfection

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