Monday, September 23, 2013

my old true love

I finished reading "My Old True Love" and that book broke my heart. I cried the whole last 20 pages. And then when it was over I read the author interview and put the book down. I walked over to the couch and looked out the window and then I just started crying. And by the time I was done there went half the tissues. I have even more respect for what women had to go through before they had the rights they have now. And it'd been a while since I'd read a good Civil War novel - I used to be crazy for historical fiction, but hadn't read much lately. The story this book tells means something.

Today at work I picked up a novel with a modern setting, and I couldn't even get through the first paragraph. The things the average person worries about in that novel are just nothing compared to the gravity of living in the middle of a war zone.

I need to find a story that's important enough to slave over the telling. That's the key; that's why I haven't written - lack of passion.

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