Thursday, September 26, 2013

cactus FACE

What's today? The 26th. So the running group finally got back together a little and we ran a little over 5K on Tuesday. No knee issues! I did the Brazilian butt lift exercises b/c I swear they help. I actually had a little shinsplint pain, which I welcomed after the knee thing b/c it's easy enough to deal with. So today after work I ran for a while, a 3x3 workout in which I did four sets of 3min fast + 3min slow. Gorgeous days this week, low 70s and although it's fall, everything's still green. It's just a joy to be outside. I'm all broke up from today, but I can take it. Casual Friday tomorrow.

I feel like I'm right back where I started with S. Although it's a little better b/c the texting isn't constant. I just feel like if I met him in person I would be more interested, but I haven't so I can't force myself to be interested when I'm not. When I thought that I'd ended the whole thing, I didn't feel good, but I didn't feel very bad either, and in a week or so I would've been completely back to normal. Easy come, easy go. I can gauge relationships by my past ones. The Bud one was horrible to get over, but not as bad as the first time I ever really fell for someone. I'll be sappy (just finished watching a Kdrama rom com episode, so I can't really help it), and call him my first love. Years I tell you. So I was actually pretty happy that the S thing was over, and now I find out it's not. Grimace. I already hate long distance.
Cactus face!!!

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