Friday, October 5, 2012


I interviewed with the temp agency today. Fingers crossed.

Ran again. I increased my pace, so running felt good and didn't feel good. I didn't eat enough before running, so I didn't tackle the giant hill at the end. I need to get my diet together. I eat healthy foods, but not enough variety and too few of them. Is there a cookbook out there for people who don't like to cook? Preferably with few ingredients... but yes to spices.

An old Star Trek Next Generation episode came on television and I heard some old guy talk about metagenic torpedoes. At first, I swore metagenic wasn't even a real word. Then I googled it:
So this is a weapon that has the power to make whoever is hit by it have asexual kids, who will have sexual(?) kids, who will have asexual kids, who will have...

The 5K is a no-go due to weather. The race isn't cancelled, but the friends aren't willing to run it in the forecasted daylong downpour. Also, I don't own running rain gear.

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