Saturday, October 6, 2012

Baby seal leather boots

I saw a crappy movie today. It involved animated traditional supernatural beings normally associated with Halloween who gather in an establishment that could be described as something like a motel, in order to party; however they're rudely interrupted by a non-supernatural being who also likes to party. The fabulousness of the animated movie Megamind has given me unrealistic expectations. I now think that all animated movies will be clever and unpredictable and full of clever quips and awesome soundtracks. No so, although this movie did make a jab at Twilight; but that's so easy. This movie gets negative points for reading just like the traditional 90 minute movie split into 3 acts of  about 30 minutes each. Yeah, I took a screenplay writing class in college. And what.
I love the title character. I've seen this movie more than 10 times, and I will watch it again.
I was holding out hope that the forecast would change, but tomorrow's 5K is really off. What am I supposed to do with my Sunday now? I may wake up super early and run before the rain starts, just to make myself feel better. The park gates open at 8am. Or I could go to the high school, jump the track fence, and run exactly a 5K, what is that 5000/400=12.5 laps. I've got options.

I can never get a dog. I dog-sat today. Must I pet you once every 5 minutes? Must you follow me with your eyes when I stand up to get a drink of water? Must you put your head on my leg and drool onto my pants when I eat a saltine cracker? Must you bark at the sound of a car horn on TV? Must you - when I fail to pay adequate attention to you - overturn the trashcan, pull out a tissue, and commence to shred it? I don't need that.

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