Saturday, October 20, 2012

I want the kick

So tired. 5K at 8am this morning. Tired because I've been getting 10 hours of sleep for the past week, but last night only about 6. I can't nap because I'm too lazy to take out my contacts and put them back in. Plus, there's a party at my place in an hour. Oh, but I just want to sleep.
Just let me sleep here.
Despite getting beaten by an 8 year old girl (and a 9 year old girl), I think the 5K went well. You can see the race results here. To save you the extra step of clicking, I ran a 28:21 race, which works out to a 9:08 pace. The first mile felt like nothing. I picked a person to be my pacer and stuck with her (until the last quarter mile when she still had a kick left and I had nothing). This was an out-and-back race, so I got to see the leaders coming at me after they turned around - two guys, so fast! Gray shirt and red shirt, wound up with 5:26 pace. I ran track in high school, so I've seen a lot of guys with their body type (tall, thin, medium frame). They're practically made for distance running if they have the willpower. I thought these two were in high school, but they turned out to be 23. It's good to be young.

So I made it through a 5K without stopping once (thanks, flat paved trail). Reader, I think I can still run faster. The fastest mile I ever ran was 7:06 or 7:08 back in high school, and women peak physically in their mid-30s, so I've got time. I just need to figure out a way to keep my pace in the end, because I seriously slowed down in the last quarter mile. If I hadn't, I would have been under 28 minutes.

Also, I joined Planet Fitness, thanks to a deal courtesy of the friend I ran the 5K with. I love running outside, but soon a time will come when it rains all week, or when the park trails are covered in snow and ice. Plus, I need some socialization. As long as I run outside at least once a week, I think my breathing should stay okay. While I'm still running outside, I'll drop by my new gym once a week.

*With respect to Bud, my new I'm over it attitude actually works. I'm surprised.

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