Monday, October 15, 2012

Reflect- before I'm another year older

Today is the last day before my birthday. I've been 20-something for a while now, and I'll still be 20-something for a few more years, but wow. When did it get to be only "a few more years?" Just to tease me, people keep assuming that I'm turning 30. In contrast to them, my sister screams at me (aka threatens me) to enjoy it. She also screams at me to be happy no matter what the situation. Can I get a reaction somewhere in the middle of these two?

What I learned in the past year: How to run on a regular basis and not get shin splints. Writing anything of substance is no easy endeavor. I don't think the true depth or shallowness of a relationship will ever cease to amaze me. I may not go to church, but I am religious. Classic pieces trump trends and quality is everything, in clothes and in people. I should never own a dog. I will always cringe (mentally, physically) at violence in movies, tv, media, etc. To save on heartache, run from any guy who keeps mementos of his last relationship out on display. Relationship angst is a great workout motivator. Seeing James Morrison live is worth doing again. While frustrated during thesis writing, I learned Hangul (the Korean alphabet), although my vocabulary is limited to common K-drama phrases. I read way more fiction than the average person. Lastly, there's nothing quite like a well-dressed man; by that I mean his clothes actually fit. I love spring, summer, and fall.

What will I learn in the next year? It could be the year I finally master walking in pumps.
Maybe I will someday not walk right out of these... (Charlotte Olympia)

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