Tuesday, February 18, 2014

water colors

In April, my friend with a baby is going to come and stay with me. Also, the week before that one of my GA cousins is coming. And I just signed the lease for another year in the apartment. I guess I have to actually decorate. Yes, I would like it if I came home to a comfy cozy apt all decked out in a girly fashion, like the apartments of half of all K-drama heroines. I think my first step is rugs and curtains. And a TV stand. I find that rugs really bring together a room. And then I need to start the water color paintings. I like landscapes and I can draw, so this apt is going to get decorated.

Looked at the vacation photos my dad took. Oahu was so beautiful. I look at those photos and I can remember how it felt to be there. And then I look outside... I will love summer this year. I always do, but I need to love it even more. I need to spend every moment I can outside. Other moral from vacation photos- I seriously need to only by v-necked shirts. Like seriously; the chest area just makes me look chesty, and not even in a flattering way. And I only worse that green tank top because it's so damn comfortable. Sigh.
I heard the complaints that military people had about living in Hawaii, but I think I would still do it. Yeah, I'd miss the seasons and I'd hate the traffic, but I'd live there for 3 years. Keep your house/apt bug free, be willing to budget, have your own assigned parking spot, and forget about shoveling snow. I'd turn so brown just sitting on the beach, away from all the crowds. Funny how my idea of relaxation always comes down to away from all the people sooner or later. Please, God, don't make me live in a city.

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