Friday, February 21, 2014

phd drama (round 2)

About to get on that highway. Must remember to go to Old Navy and see if their jeans fit me. I don't remember if their clothes are well-made or not, but $14 jeans are worth checking out.

Friday and I got an email from one of the PhD programs I got into, from the close one, asking if I want to start next fall or if I want to not do it anymore. Going to do some thinking before I respond, but I've been thinking a whole year now, so I won't come to an easy decision. I wanted a job for so long, and now I have one, but am I just going to work in administration for ever? I think that wouldn't be fun. At first I thought, wow four whole years. That's a while. But in the scale of your life, 4 years isn't a while. If you take care of yourself and barring any accidents, life is long. 4 years to get a PhD and more opportunities is a good sacrifice to make. To have the lifestyle I want and be able to travel for work and think for a living. I've already come so far compared to the opportunities I would have had a 100 years ago, but I can go further. Should I go further as a girl with 2 masters degrees, or as a girl with 2 masters degrees and a PhD? Aye, there's the rub.

Also, I can only afford this apartment for one more year. There's no way I can take another rent increase. I'm barely earning more than I spend on bills as it is. This next year of $53 increase is going to hurt. So money plays into the decision. Also peer pressure. The friends closest to me are the ones really going for it in terms of their education. They're always learning, always moving forward, and I am definitely not doing any learning or moving forward. I just come home and am tired, so I watch the Olympics while I eat dinner. Or Kdramas. Not that I wouldn't watch Kdramas, even if I was in school. It's been established that I'm addicted to them. I can do away with all American TV (even Psych), if I can keep watching K dramas. Also, I am tired of my one co-worker treating me like I'm dumb. "Do I know what an asymptote is?" Duh! Of course I know! Every kid in high school knows! And then he proceeds to explain to me what it is, even though I was a freaking math major at Hopkins! I try really hard not to dislike people, because once I dislike them I get only negative feelings, and if it's a person I have to work with, I really would rather only feel positive. But he is coming close. Oh, I can feel it. The only thing saving the issue is we don't usually have direct contact, other than a weekly meeting. Still, even if I had a PhD, he'd probably assume I don't know what a limit is. Smh. If I do go to school, I have to do it soon. I can feel myself getting rusty.

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