Thursday, February 13, 2014

snow day 2014 :-)

Code red at work, which just means it snowed, so don't go in to work. Unfortunately, I had to telework. Are those extra hours? I hope it snows a buttload tonight so that I don't have to go to work tomorrow.  Upside, no commuting, I got to have the Olympics on in the background, I did my workout in the middle of the day, I drank like 7 cups of tea and I think I'm going to make some more, there's nothing like tramping through a foot of snow in waterproof boots, my neighbor helped me shovel out my car, and of course hearing everyone's snow day stories.
and i'll love you (platonic) forever
Saving on commuting time means I get to watch dramas. I'm on a total rom com kick, so I already squee'd over the latest two episodes of "My Love From Another Star." And after my tea, I'm going to watch episode 4 of "I Need Romance 3." I never bothered to watch 1 or 2, but Sung Joon is in the third one, and there's something about him that does it for me. I'm basically in love with his voice and his acting. I know it's not his looks b/c he looks like a very tall 17 year old. I'm a sucker for a good male voice, not the high ones. Take Jang Geun-seok for instance, he is (or was) pretty like a girl, but his voice is delicious. It goes the opposite way too, like Kang Ji-hwan who looks attractive, but his voice is just so darn high that I can't get behind him.

This also goes for real life. I come from a family of skinny people. I think all my cousins, which is like 30 people, are skinny except for 2 (to my male cousins, skinny/muscular in some cases). My parents are skinny. I am for some reason, the only one of my 3 siblings that has to struggle with eating and exercising in order to stay thin. I flirted with chubby, but now I'm a size 6, so smaller than the average woman around these here parts. Anyway, all I'm saying is I'm preconditioned to love skinny  people. I do not go for husky guys. And if you're a husky guy with a high voice, oh it'll never happen. I mean, I can't force myself to be attracted to you. This is my trouble, I need to meet some guy that I'm actually attracted to. No, friends from high school, don't make me online date.

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