Friday, February 28, 2014

left the house at 7:50am, came back at 7:30pm

Uuuugh. No fun getting home from work at 7:30pm. I want to watch the last two episodes of My ♡ From Another Star, but I'm too tired to enjoy it, so I won't. It takes energy to squee. Instead I'll just take a shower and settle into bed with my latest book.

Talked to UD on the phone this morning (one of the reasons why I had to stay late at work). Was a good conversation. Remarkably fate worked out so that I was alone in my office for that time. Guess the convo was meant to be. Anyway, I felt better about the career choice of leaving work for school to go federal again. It's doable. I don't want to go through the depression I did last year. I need to always have a job or job prospects.

Woman at work told me she hasn't read a book for 27 years because she can't concentrate that long. I can believe it. You know how when you're a kid, you go home and tell your parents stories about your friends who they'll never meet. Your parents tolerate you talking to them about Jenny and Jeremiah and Ellie's new hairstyle, and the Jake falling on his face. Kids aren't usually good enough story tellers to make those people actually interesting. And somewhere down the line, kids stop reporting every detail of their life to other people. Well this woman never stopped. Words just pop out of her mouth in a stream, bubbling up from an underground spring. Don't get me wrong, I like her, it's just I read an article about how the person who talks in the office and keeps everyone from doing their job might be a spy. Well I immediately thought of her; God bless her. Anyway, my parents raised us to prize education and reading and using your brain, so I can't empathize with never reading. I read at least a book every 2 weeks.

 a duh. thank you perspective

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