Saturday, February 8, 2014

feel the Olympics addiction coming on

Been struggling to churn out a post a day on black writers for Black History Month. Mostly struggling because I don't make an effort to remember author names and I'm trying to stick with living writers. I think it would be so boring to rehash the same classic authors over and over. I mean, I love Chekhov, but the man's been dead for years; give me someone who's heard of the internet and used a cell phone. Yes, I know Chekhov is Russian and definitely not Black. He was just the first dead author I thought of, is all.

Still doing the Winter Shape Up 2014 program. I've almost made it through 2 weeks. Tomorrow I just need to do the workout video, take a shower, and then it's off to the Wizards game with AC. I also want to buy some Turkey Hill ice cream, which I just realized is $1.98 this week. I went to Shoppers today, but didn't even look down the ice cream aisle. I had eaten only a biscuit all day, so I was weak. I couldn't even find it in me to have a pleasant bland look on my face. It was that situation where you stand and your vision goes red and you feel like you're swaying. Why did I do that? I woke up and read a book for hours instead of sensibly eating something. In my delirium, I accidentally bought pork sausage. Ew. I wanted turkey! I didn't realize it until I'd eaten two. I was wondering why it tasted different. Ew. Ew. Ew.
Sochi opening ceremony

Olympics time differences are throwing me off. I guess watching the Winter Olympics was easier the last time around when they were in Vancouver. You could watch it live then. I read that Sochi is 9 hours ahead of EST, but for some reason I can't get my head straight concerning when I should actually watch. Does all the action happen while I'm asleep? So far I've managed to watch only reruns, but at least since I'm so anti-web surfing these days I'm not getting spoiled. I really just care about the figure skating (not ice dancing), the snowboarding, and the speed skating. I caught some athlete stories and also saw Apolo Anton Ohno, who isn't competing but announcing this time around. He got ridiculously famous thanks to the Olympics, and I used to have a crush on him back in 2002 in Salt Lake. I thought he was so much older and cooler than me - turns out he was 19. My mini-crush has stayed steady over the years, but will always be mini due to his facial hair, haha. I'm superficial like that. I also caught a rerun of Evgeni Plushenko skating in the team event mens short program, and it was cool to hear his name pronounced with a Russian accent. I'm totally saying it wrong. So wrong. He's 31 and I hate how they're calling him old.

Loving the Kdrama You From Another Star/My Love From Another Star. I've gotten into the ritual of watching the week's episodes Friday after work. I sqee'ed so hard after the end of episode 15 yesterday. I adore the female lead (she makes me laugh, she makes me cry, she makes me jealous that she can pull off so many avant garde fashion choices). I adore the male lead (he's a grumpy old man in a 26 year old's hot body, always grumbling about kids today). I adore the second male lead (baby!). The best scenes are the ones where the two leads are together. I love when the occasional super-addicting Kdrama comes along. I've been wanting to watch "I Need Romance 3," only because Sung Joon is sexy in every picture I see from that show, and I liked the female lead in Two Weeks, so it must be good. I've always thought Sung Joon was kind of tall and awkward, and the only thing that made him sexy was his voice. Even in "Can We Get Married?" I thought of him as kind of awkward and adorable more than someone who gets your heart thumping. I'm sure hoping those pictures aren't lies because I am prepared to adore his character.

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