Sunday, February 2, 2014

Superbowl XLVII... and here I keep thinking it's 34 every year

Half-watching the Superbowl. Or I was. Not much of a game this year. I mostly turned it on b/c it reminds me of my father. He doesn't watch sports as much as he used to, but he always watches the Superbowl. This year he's stuck in San Fran.

Was 50 and cloudy and a gorgeous day to be outside today. I meant to run for 30 minutes, but I wound up walking/wandering around outside for an hour and 15. I covered 4.78miles. I needed it! Tomorrow it's back to cold and snow and slipping around.

Spent the weekend engrossed in Tartt's "Goldfinch" novel; still not done, but I'm moving along. The main character frustrates me sometimes though - it's hard to put myself in his place and think of his actions as reasonable. At the point in the novel I've reached, I'm tired of him b/c his first instinct is to lie. Lie. Lie. Lie. He's no good for the people in his life, a screwed up childhood only gives you so much leeway.

Tomorrow's plan is to make it through work as best I can. Looks like it'll be a boots kind of day again, as another snowstorm blows through the East coast. Meh.

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