Thursday, February 27, 2014

paintings are the food of life

I painted! The first was inspired by the print on one of my bras. It looked good when I was drawing it, but the paper is too small, so it doesn't look like much from far away. It's sketches of flowers with a watercolor wash. The flowers are too small. I might try it again with one giant flower.
not that I'm this good
In a traffic jam this morning, I was looking at a tan minivan covered in salt scum and it reminded me of the "Frost" Corelle plate that Mom bought last Saturday. I knew I had to paint it. So I did the frost pattern on black construction paper with white paint and it turned out pretty well. I taped it up over the kitchen light switch. Also, a random yellow paper with blue paint I liked, so I hung that up in the guest room. I tried to replicate it almost with red paper and yellow paint, but it wasn't the same. I was hoping for a kind of orange medium, but no go. Still, I think the random paintings are going to cheer up my apartment. And I should probably buy some more tape. The paper cost about $4, the paints $4, and the brushes $3 maybe (rounding up). I'm glad I got them because the paint brush that came with the paints is the crappiest of crap. I put it in water to maybe soften out the bristles, but I'm probably going to just throw it away.

The painting this is my home improvement project. I went crazy and made an IKEA list, but then I evaluated my budget, what with my rent increase, and there's no way I can afford to drop $500 on stuff I may or may not like. So I settled for seeing what I can get at places like Home Goods, Walmart, Michaels, and going to check out Target too. I just need it to look homey and be mostly baby-proofed before mid-April.

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