Friday, December 13, 2013

i'm ordering a hurricane

You know, a laptop is just as good a source of warmth as the cup of tea when all the tea's gone and I hold it against my stomach. Should I just buy a hot water bottle?

I got to talk to E and M today via skype. My laptop is just old enough that it did not come equipped with a webcam. At least I got to see the baby. She's a pretty baby. Cute little features. That little girl knows how good she's got it, with her two adoring parents.

I made a drink - Dark and Stormy - which is just rum and ginger beer. I use the Goya ginger beer, which is painful to drink even flat. I had to water the thing down with some cranberry juice. The next time I go out, I'm ordering a hurricane; the drink sounds delicious.
or better yet, 3 hurricanes! muhahahaha
I tried to break it off with S. But I let myself be pulled in. And then he called me on Tuesday. And then decided not to text me really. Does he just want to be the one to officially end whatever this is? Am I paranoid for thinking  that way? I don't have much trust. I think I'll never see him again, so what's the point in getting invested? I really do think this. I also don't think he's the one for me anyway, so I should encourage the drifting away. And then I want to hold tight. But it doesn't matter if I can't sort things out because I'll never see him again anyway. I'm muddled.

And now, time for:

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