Sunday, December 15, 2013

black coat, red hat / he's walking like that

Last night I finished writing the 5 blogs for EG's company website. Now I don't have to worry about posting while I'm on vacation :-). Each blog post is 200-400 words. It's funny. Lately, I only read the blogs of a few fashionistas whose style I love, and 2 blogs about Kdramas. In the past, I did try to find a blog about books, but none of them ever really clicked for me. I enjoy writing about writing though. Maybe this whole time I was looking for a blog about writing. Each post is work, but it's work I enjoy. It's work that wakes me up mentally after a trying day at work, and gets me excited. And all this writing about writing is bound to get me in the mindset to write again.

I remember what it's like. The world is inspiration. The man walking towards Rt1 as I drive to work in the morning is the main character of a potential story. His coat is the reason I noticed him - black leather, but with a white tiger face staring boldly back, and he wears a bright red flattened top hat. There's a word for that type of hat, but I don't know it. Where's he going every morning, and why does he have to walk there? Why isn't he driving or taking a bus like everyone else? It's below freezing these mornings.

Alternately, I'm meeting S on the way to my parents' house, in the middle of nowhere. Nothing will be open but Walmart.
but creeeepy stuff happens in nowhere...
I'd rather do a diner, but that closes at 8 in the tiny town, and I won't get there until after 8, since I have to wait for rush hour traffic to be over. Is this a good idea or a bad idea? Probably bad, since talking to him isn't high on my priority list. Apparently I'm turning into a high schooler. It wouldn't have to be this way if his stupid ass would just visit me instead. Stupid.

Off to buy a bathing suit.

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