Tuesday, December 10, 2013

i fail at press releases. i need to take a class

So I am now almost a paid blogger! Obviously not here, but life gets exciting when your friends start their own businesses. I've got no plans to head to business school, so that isn't going to happen. For now, I'll just blog. Writing finally put to work.

Snow day today - pto. I stayed home and tried to write a press release. After much ado, I gave up. I'll stick to fiction and blogging. My tendency to exaggerate is hard to turn off. Facts always get embellished. Anyway, it stopped snowing around 1:30pm and cleared up, so I went and finally bought a carry-on suitcase. It's red and I'm going to tie a ribbon on it so I can tell it apart from all the others.
tie a yellow ribbon round the old oak tree...
All in all, I was able to check many things off my list. Now I just need to buy those travel-size bathroom necessities. These days, I'm into watching reruns of Drake and Josh, which I used to watch reruns when I was in undergrad. They're both around my age. This was sparked by seeing Josh Peck in the Mindy Project. He's hilarious there too, by the way.

So I tried to break it off with S starting last Thursday and after fighting via text message, I'm back where I started except I've been forced to admit to myself that I do actually like him. I used to joke to myself about him wearing me down until I actually liked him, like what happens in novels. Apparently those novels are based on real life. It's still weird - I read that there are 8 elements of being attracted to someone - I can't remember where, but the last one was physical. And that's the one I have no clue about, which really worries me and was the main reason why I tried to break it off. Of course, I was depressed after I brought it up, but I expected to be. Ugh, it's a mess.

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