Wednesday, November 14, 2012

traffic jams (and jellies and marmalades)

So this temp job requires me to think just enough and be just busy enough that I'm too tired at night to be introspective. Take yesterday. I got home 6ish, changed into workout clothes, drove to the gym, did the elliptical and this weird step(ish) machine for over an hour, stopped at the grocery story to buy bread, came home, showered, made my lunch/snacks for the next day, then went to sleep. There's no time for thinking in any of that. And then the weekend comes and you cram in all the home things you neglected during the week. So this is how people are satisfied going to work and coming back 5 days a week until they retire. It's lulling. I myself would be lulled if it wasn't for the infuriating traffic jams. A job right near King of Prussia, the location of what was at one point the largest mall in America, is bound to have ridiculous traffic. I'm almost at the point where I accept traffic jams as normal.

To keep myself gym-motivated, I decided to make friends with the guy who's always there when I go. I should ask him what his name is the next time I see him.

I'm drinking Evening Comfort tea, a blend I got from my local Cha Tea Store. Cha means tea in Mandarin, so the title is redundant, but I don't think I'm supposed to know that. I'm not sure what's in Evening Comfort, but I know it includes ginger+peppermint+lemon rind. I love it.
Don't look at the ginger tag on tumblr. My eyes...
During a lull at work, I texted everyone that I hadn't texted since October. This is my new plan for keeping in touch with people. Thank you, phone which doesn't require me to delete old text messages.

Excellent books I finished recently:
Gold Boy, Emerald Girl by Li Yiyun
Saint Maybe by Anne Tyler

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