Wednesday, November 21, 2012

i'll have none of that mess from you

Hey yo, can I getcho nuuumba?
For the first time, I gave a guy my number first. Yesterday was the last day of my temp job, so I went around saying farewell to people I've genuinely come to like. Buuut, when I made it over to him he was still working. We mouthed wordless goodbyes. I discovered (again) that I can't read lips. I was disappoint. But my sissy reminded me that I could just email him at work, since it wasn't his last day. I agonized all night over the wording and didn't sleep well, but in the morning, before I could over-think, I sent it. It's like I'm an adult or something. I forgot what potential feels like.

I went out with two of my girls for an authentic Mexican brunch. Yum. After non-alcoholic margaritas, we discovered they had no churros! What kind of Mexican place has no churros? We settled for 25¢ gumballs. I dropped K back at her apartment and was on my way to take B to the bus stop. Buuut, first we stopped by school and who should be there but Bud. And good news - I'm over him! I was thinking that I was, but I wasn't sure until B and I sat and talked with him for half an hour. Being around him makes me talk super fast and I tell myself to calm down, but I accept that. There was no crying afterwards. No depression. To be sure I could stave it off, I went home, changed, and went for a run. I felt great, a relief since I was so weak during my last run. Barely anyone was there. I crossed paths with a grand total of 4 people and 2 dogs. I swear I only live next to the middle of nowhere. I did my 25 post-run push-ups, got in the car, and viola! the guy from my temp job had responded. He's my kind of people.
Churros: what K,B, and I should have been eating instead of gumballs

Happy turkey day to all. I hear turkeys are dumb. I never told the story of the farmer who kept a field full of turkeys. Well, one day it rained, and all the turkeys looked up at the sky for the source of the water. Where was it coming from? They looked up and stared and stared. And then, one by one, they drowned.

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