Wednesday, November 7, 2012

temping is no joke

I should be asleep right now. Wanted to chime in with what I knew to be fact before, but didn't really believe. The 8:30-5 shift is hard when it's really 7:30-6 and the highlight of your day is your lunch hour. I've started to regulate my snack times so I don't fall into the trap of eating a reasonable lunch, working until 5, driving home, and pigging out for dinner.
Pigs are cute, but I'm not into all that.
A lot of life is personal experience. Temp jobs are no joke. Working monotonous jobs for years is doable, but it costs you. I spoke with a man who lost his wife to divorce because he worked a good job that kept him away from home all the time. Help me not lose my soul, or my good posture for that matter. The chair is awkward -at this rate I'm in danger of hunch-backing it up.

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