Monday, November 26, 2012

con los cerezos

Sitting crammed in the car with my Black Friday purchases for the 5 hour road trip home made my left leg experience a mysterious pain. Pain is exacerbated by running. I never mentioned that my post-Thanksgiving run kicked my ass the other day. Yeah... There was wind and a 20 degree temperature drop and I lost my mp3 player and so much snot dripped from my nose, but I'd forgotten to bring a tissue. At least I wore a hat and those thin gloves they sell everywhere for $1. Yes, the experience scared me off of my beautiful park.

Today I drove to the gym instead. My gym is next to a different park, so of course I couldn't resist running, despite my leg. But I only did a half mile! Then I worked out on the elliptical and that nameless machine that's a cross between a treadmill and an elliptical. The machines told me I burned over 700 calories, but I'm skeptical. I waved to my favorite gym employee, came home, and did 3 sets of a 10lb weight exercise that my super-fit (and former body-building) uncle swears will tone my waist. Considering the fact that my arms and my waist are sore, I think it's working. Reader, I'm excited.

Snow in the forecast for the early morning hours. I have a 9am meeting 20 miles away, so hoping this forecast is full of lies. The meeting is business casual - I'll be breaking out the knee high boots, tights, oxblood skirt, peacoat, cute hat - the works. I caught up on my favorite fashion blogs today. Can you tell?
This is beauty. But don't make me wake up to this. Please?
Also, can a future boyfriend say this to me one day?

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