Sunday, May 4, 2014

Listening to GD's Black feat. Jennie Kim

Had the best weekend. I can't even remember what I did on Saturday, but today I woke up and spent like 2 hours working out. First a run/walk for 3 miles, then dancing and hula hoop and 3lb weight stuff. And I ate so well too - regular cereal before the run, but after that the yogurt/honey/granola/fruit thing that looks so pretty and that MW's mom gave me the idea for. After that I make a quick grocery store run and got to use my butter purse for the first time. Seriously, that is the cutest purse and it feels so nice. I am still in new purse heaven.

Also, finally got that mailbox key thing sorted out. I'm not dumb! I just needed a new key and the apt complex didn't tell me until like a week after they installed the new mailbox. But at least I didn't miss any bills, because the electric bill has a mysterious $100 credit on it, so I didn't have to pay anything. And then my April spending wasn't as horrible as I'd thought. The purse thing was by credit card, so it's going to be counted in May. I need to just not spend anything in May because my contacts are coming up in June. And then there's the doctor visit this week, so I need to remember to call mom and write down the family history. And also to bring my shot record with me. I'm not on any medication, so there shouldn't be anything else besides the insurance card.

OMG, GD's "Shake the World" song is so awesome. I love the beat.
No great hopes for the random guy I met volunteering. I think he's on the rebound. Ah well, at least he told me so now I definitely have perspective. Don't think anything's going to come of it before he ships out, but it did make me call two of my friends to despair to them and we had really good phone conversations as a result. Love BG and CS for that!

Stupid movies I watched (parts of) this weekend:
We're the Millers
Identity Thief
Jack the Giant Killer
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island

And I think last week I watched the last Harry Potter movie because it's so good. It always makes me cry though.

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